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power institute of technology

A league above the general trades!

An Electrical High Power School that trains Technicians and engineers the skills and knowledge they need to gather and evaluate data to make an informed judgment on the continued serviceability, deterioration, or non-serviceability of our power grid.


If accepted, the student will begin employment with a NETA (International Electrical Testing Association) company sponsor, at no cost to the student, in their desired region.

The programs consist of:

  • PIT UG Undergrad Program (2 years)
  • PIT GP Graduate Program (2 years)

Experienced Electricians and linemen will start in the Undergrad Program. 4-Year Electrical Technicians and engineers will start in the Graduate Program.​

Electrical Safety Solutions

The Confidence to Work Safely Around Power Systems.

We are the people who read “HIGH VOLTAGE, KEEP OUT” as part of a normal day at work. Signs like this mean we must follow our training and keep current on best safety practices so everyone on site can go home safely.

Maxima Power Group has been empowering electrical and non-electrical workers with the knowledge to perform their job site duties since 1982. Our training team comprises seasoned electrical professionals, including some who share their industry knowledge as part of standards-setting bodies. We use our experience with apparatus in the field to explain complex concepts and deliver a well-rounded training experience.

Join us in our classrooms at any of our office locations, or ask us about delivering training at your site.